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About EfA was developed, with the support of the European Commission, by the pan-European partnership, OSSATE, which stands for "One-Stop-Shop for Accessible Tourism in Europe". Read about the development process and the OSSATE partners at the following webpages:

The overall aim of 'Europe for All' is to enable better communications between tourism providers and their customers, especially by providing accurate and reliable information about the accessibility of venues and services.

For this purpose a number of accessibility assessment instruments have been developed, including:

  • 'Self-assessment forms' for tourist venues, to be filled in by owners and managers of hotels, attractions, tourist information centres, shops, etc.;
  • 'Photo and Measurement Guides' which advise how photos and measurements should be taken; and
  • 'Access Audit Checklists', to be used by trained access auditors conducting on-site assessments.

These instruments, with the data fields and measurements they contain, represent a consensus between a wide range of experts and user representatives. They are designed to take into account the information needs of tourists with different disabilities and health conditions, as well as older people and families with small children.

Accessibility information that is gathered using these instruments can be entered into the 'Europe for all' database, and will be displayed to customers via

Reference documents

Two examples of 'Europe for all' accessibility assessment instruments are available for downloading from this website as PDF documents.

The Europe for all Self-Assessment Questionnaire
For owners/managers of Hotels and Self-Catering Establishments.
The Europe for all Photo and Measurement Guide.
To be used in conjuction with the self-assessment form for Hotels and Self-Catering accommodation establishments.

These documents present the data fields and measurement techniques which 'Europe for all' is using for the first stage of the accessibility information service.  The 'Europe for All' accessibility assessment instruments will be further developed through a process of public consultation, when the website is launched.

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